About Noel Ransome

In years previous, his words could be found on the pages of Urbanology Magazine, an internationally distributed urban lifestyle and cultural print publication, where he transitioned from a music and tech writer to an Associate Editor.

Shortly after achieving a major in Journalism and Film Studies at York University, he spent three years as a lead culture essayist and interviewer at VICE Media, drawing from the way in which race, identity, and ideology could be challenged beyond the limits of objectivity.

Beyond career highlights that include interviews with cultural mainstays like LeVar Burton, Barry Jenkins, and Danai Gurira, he has served as the national entertainment reporter for the Canadian Press, Canada’s high-standard counterpart to the Associated Press, regularly covering industry galas such as the Toronto Film Festival, the Grammy Awards, and the Emmy Awards to name a few.

For the multimedia heads out there, he also happens to be proficient with photography, videography, graphic design and common SEO practices (he designed this website FTW!).

While he’s taken the time to produce grander stories from an independent space, he’s consistently eager for future opportunities within the media and storytelling landscape.

Give him a shout if you'd like to chat.